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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8 – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

We’ve had great success with this format and hope you can attend!


1. To provide competitive recreational play for experienced players of all ages from area badminton clubs. No trophies, no medals, no eliminations – just good play and camaraderie

2. A fund raising event to provide support for the Montford Community Center After School Program.

page1image1304Location: Montford Community Center, 34 Pearson Drive, Asheville, NC 28801.
Directions are here.

Refreshment: Drinks, fruit and pizza will be provided for lunch.

Contribution:  $20 per participant. This event does not financially benefit the Asheville Badminton Club. Funds remaining after expenses are covered will be donated to the Montford Community Center After School Program. You are welcome to contribute more than $20 if you wish.

Registration: Participants may bring their completed waiver forms or fill them out as they register. Payment can be made by check or cash

See ALL the details and the waiver form on our tournament page.


2010 NC Senior Games Preliminary Final Results

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Cary, NC was the location of the Badminton Senior Games in a beautiful community center. For Complete Results, please click here. It was a first for me and I learned a lot and had a great time. Beware of the yellow birds! Congratulations to everyone- Asheville Badminton Club was represented well and brought home a big share of the hardware.

Female Singles
55-59  1  MaryAnn Ingram
55-59  3  Joanne Robert
60-64  2  Sue Feldkamp
65-69  1  Helen McKie

Male Singles
55-59  1  Ken Faulkner
85-89  1  Richard Gilbert

Female Doubles
55-59  1  MaryAnn Ingram/Sue Feldkamp
55-59  3  Joanne Robert/Helen McKie

Male Doubles
55-59  1  Ken Faulkner /Kurbie Whitehead
60-65  2 Leigh Svenson/Al Shiem

Mixed Doubles
55-59  1  MaryAnn Ingram/Ken Faulkner
60-64  2  Leigh Svenson/Helen McKie
60-64  3  Kurbie Whitehead/Sue Feldkamp

Medal Count
Gold  7
Silver  3
Bronze 3

NC Badminton Club Tournament

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2010 Inaugural North Carolina Badminton Open Championship
USAB sanctioned tournament; must have a valid membership card at registration

Friday, March 26 – Sunday, March 28, 2010  at NetSports in Morrisville, NC
Entry deadline- Friday, March 19th

Online registration available at website
Hardcopy registration via Google docs.

TOURNAMENT RESULTS:  Type in a name and get all the stats.

Invitational Meet Raises Funds for Montford Recreation Center

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Angie Faulkner, Treasurer of the Asheville  Badminton Club, presented a $300.00 check to Kim Kennedy, Director of the Montford Recreation Center, prior to play on Thursday night. Funds were raised through the open Invitational Meet held November 14th.

The funds came from entry fees and donations from badminton players who traveled from many parts of North Carolina  as well as Georgia to the Montford Center.  Another Invitational is in the planning stages for the spring.

2009 Fall Invitational Meet

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shuttle_cock4 Saturday, November 14, 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM 5:00 PM

What a GREAT turnout! Terrific day for badminton, great sportsmanship, lots of fun, laughter, and FANTASTIC play! We appreciate all those who traveled to Asheville to help make this Invitational a success. From 10 year old Shelby to the most  “mature” athletes, there was plenty of competition. Many thanks to the members of the ABC who assisted in all the little details. And thanks to the Montford Recreation Center for that extra hour. We have already come up with a more efficient way to display courts and players. Let us know what you thought and offer any  suggestions or ideas to help us make next year’s Fall Invitational even better by clicking on  comment above. If anyone has any pictures they would like to share, e-mail them to as well.  See you on the courts!

Location: Montford Recreation Center, 34 Pearson Drive, Asheville, NC 28801
Contribution: $10.00 per participant. This event will not financially benefit the Asheville Badminton Club. All funds available after expenses will be donated to the Montford Center After School Program. You are welcome to donate more if you wish.
Registration: Although closed as of Friday, November 6th, please contact Ken Faulkner for open slots.
Play Format: We hope to make the games competitive and fun. We only have 4 courts and to prevent extended waiting tme between games, we will only have Doubles matches. All games will be played to 21.
Shuttlecocks: Please feel free to bring your own shuttlecocks.
Refreshment: Drinks, fruits and lunch will be provided during the invitational meet

Charlotte Open Badminton Tournament

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shuttle_cock4Good Luck to our ABC representatives!
You’re always Court One players to us!
Charlotte Open 2009 [Oct 30-31]
(PDFDoc Detailed Information)

Leigh, Ken, Johnnie, Sonny, Lesley, Angie & Helen

Leigh, Ken, Johnnie, Sonny
Lesley, Angie & Helen

NC Senior Games State Final Results – CONGRATS!

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Sue Feldcamp, Helen McKie, Leigh Svenson and Sonny Whitehead at State Senior Games, 2009

SINGLE – FEMALE                      SINGLE – MALE                       MIXED DOUBLES

55-59 MaryAnn Ingram 55-59 Milt Sherman 55-59 Franklin Marley
55-59 Janice Clayton 55-59 Sears Bugg Janice Clayton
55-59 Ernestine Swart 55-59 Tim MacAller 55-59 Milt Sherman
60-64 Gail Lehman 60-64 Kurb.Whitehead Jane Reel
60-64 Sue Feldkamp 60-64 S. Kuratomi 55-59 Larry Huelsman
65-69 Chimi Sada 60-64 Ken Batts Carolyn Robinson
65-69 Helen McKie 65-69 Leslie Boyd 60-64 Leigh Svenson
65-69 Helen Patil 65-69 Larry Noyes Helen McKie
70-74 Rose Downie 65-69 Samuel White 60-64 Kurbie Whitehead
70-74 Milly Honeycutt 70-74 Jerry Robertson Sue Feldkamp
70-74 Olivia Ruffin 70-74 Kenneth Remley 60-64 Agnes Shiem
75-79 Ilse Hommel 70-74 Roy Boyles Al Shiem
75-79 Ruby Enoch 75-79 G. Hamilton 65-69 Sally Coulter
75-79 Joyce Bailey 75-79 B. Myerscough Murray Coulter
80-84 Mary Mitchell 75-79 Ken Bush 65-69 Victor Antony
80-84 Jessie McDonald 80-84 Bill Young Chimi Sada
85-89 Betty Healy 85-89 Joseph Bridges 65-69 Larry Noyes
95-99 William Finch Nan Noyes
70-74 Rose Downie
55-59 MaryAnn Ingram 55-59 Milt Sherman 70-74 Charles Honeycutt
Sue Feldkamp Spencer Kuratomi Milly Honeycutt
55-59 Ernestine Swart 55-59 arry Huelsman 75-79 George Hamilton
Jane Reel Ken Batts Helen Walter
55-59 Janice Clayton 55-59 Alan Jeffreys 75-79 Charles Bailey
Arlene Diosegy Bill Presley Joyce Bailey
60-64 Agnes Shiem 60-64 Leigh Svenson 75-79 Ruby Enoch
Rose Boyd Al Sheim Alan Miller
60-64  Gail Lehman 60-64 Mrugesh Raval 80-84 LeRoy Miller
Pat Zilbauer Victor Antony Mary Mitchell
60-64  Lilieth Rigdon 60-64 Vince West 85-89 Betty Healy
Helen Patel Larry Noyes Fred Schoebel
65-69 Sally Coulter 65-69 Leslie Boyd
Chimi Sada Ed Burns
65-69 Karen MacAulay 65-69 Alan White
Nancy Vrooman Jerry Robertson
70-74 Rose Downie 70-74 Charles Honeycutt
Milly Honeycutt Bob Tennant
70-74 Martha Stephens 70-74 Roy Courtney
Carol Mitten Murray Coulter
75-79 Ilse Hommel 70-74 Joe Rigdon
Lindy Huitfeldt Brian Myerscough
75-79 Joyce Bailey 75-79 Edgar Bulluck
Ruby Enoch Norm Wilhelmi
75-79 Joyce Manning 75-79 G. Hamilton
Helen Walter Carl King
80-84 Mary Mitchell 75-79 Charles Bailey
Betty Healy Alan Miller
80-84 Bill Young
Joseph Bridges
80-84  LeRoy Miller
Fred Schoebel

Georgia State Games

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shuttle_cock4My name is Min Han and  I am the Badminton Event Coordinator for Georgia State Games. On behalf of the Georgia Games, I would like to invite you to participate in the 19th annual championship game, which will be held throughout the Atlanta area. The Georgia Games is affiliated with the Georgia Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to developing, promoting, educating and encouraging sports, physical fitness and health for the benefit of all Georgians.

We encourage you to participate in our Badminton Competition this summer, which will be held July 12 at Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities, University of Georgia.

Attached in this email is copy of this year’s entry form and information regarding the event. We will also be featuring a link on our website that will allow individuals to register online a discounted rate. All participants are welcome, and please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the game. Thank you,

Min Han
Badminton Event Coordinator
Georgia Games

Spring Hoorah Badminton Tournament – 2009 Results

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shuttle_cock4April 11-12 – Spring Hoorah Badminton Tournament
Macon County Rec Center, Franklin NCMS

1st Prabhu Ramkumar – CBC
2nd Scott Hart – ABC
3rd Bin Yang – MSG
(Field of 3 – round robin)

MS 60’s
1st Peter Chang – Atl
2nd Sonny Whitehead – ABC
3rd Jim Greenlees – CBC
(Field of 4 – round robin)

WS 60’s
1st Gail Lehman – MSG
2nd Helen McKie – AB
3rd Grace Rigdon – CH/Mec
(Field of 4 – round robin)

MS 70’s
1st Joe Rigdon – Ch/Mec
2nd Roy Courtney – Ch/Mec
3rd Ken Bush – MSG
(Field of 3 – round robin)

1st Kumar Naidu / Johnnie Ho – CBC
2nd Sonny Whitehead- ABC / Rod Sutch – UT-K
Prabhu Ramkumar – CBC / Kile Khan
John Hewitt – CBC / Qin Guo – ABC
(Field of 5 teams – round robin)

MD 60’s
1st John Hewitt – CBC / Jim Greenlees – CBC
2nd Leigh Svenson – ABC / Al Shiem – Greensboro
3rd Peter Chang – Atl. / Edward Lee – Atl.
(Field of 5 teams – round robin)

MD 70’s
1st Roy Courtney – Ch/Mec / Joe Rigdon – Ch/Mec
2nd Ken Bush – MSG / Charlie Honeycutt – MSG
(Field of 2 teams)

1st (50’s) Helen McKie – ABC / MaryAnn Ingram –MSG
2nd (70’s) Milly Honeycutt / Rose Downie – MSG
3rd (60’s) Helen Patil – Ch/Mec / Grace Rigdon – Ch/Mec

1st Rod & Lovella Sutch UT/K
2nd Peter Chang – Atl. / MaryAnn Ingram – MSG
3rd Ken Batts / Helen Patil – Ch/Mec
(Field of 5 teams – round robin)

1st John & Margaret Hewitt – CBC
2nd Leigh Svenson / Helen Mckie – ABC
3rd Ken Batts / Helen Patil – Ch/Mec
(Field of 5 teams – round robin)

1st Ken Bush / Rose Downie – MSG
2nd Charlie & Milly Honeycutt – MSG
3rd Roy Courtney – Ch/Mec / Harriet Bingenheimer – MSG
(Field of 3 teams – round robin)

1st Mary Mitchell / LeRoy Miller – MSG
2nd Betty Healy / Fred Schoebel – MSG

M/WD 80’s
1st Betty Healy/Mary Mitchell-MSG
2nd Fred Schoebel/LeRoy Miller-MS

Lake Norman Winter Blast Tournament

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shuttle_cock4Lake Norman Winter Blast Results & Pictures

The Cornelius PARC Department presents the 1st Annual Lake Norman Badminton Winter Blast at J.V. Washam Recreation Center, on Sunday, February 15th starting at 9:00 am.  This tournament is open to adults age 30 and up.  The entry fee is $20.00 per person, pre-registration is required and the deadline is Thursday, February 12th. Participants may register at the Cornelius PARC Department located at 21445 Catawba Ave. (Within Cornelius Town Hall) or by mail to: Cornelius Town Hall, Attention John Anderson, PO Box 399, Cornelius, NC 28031.

This recreational tournament will offer current badminton players, as well as adults interested in learning a new sport, a fun and enjoyable competition.  Each participant will receive a tournament t-shirt and is guaranteed to play three games.  Refreshments will be provided and participants will need to bring their own rackets.

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