Player Code of Conduct

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Player Code of Conduct – Adopted August, 2013

ABC Player Code of Conduct 2013 pdf.

The purpose of this Code is to ensure and maintain the orderly and fair administration and conduct of the Asheville Badminton Club and to protect the players’ rights, the respective rights of the Montford Recreation Center, and the public.

As ambassadors of the Asheville Badminton Club, members are asked to maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, and responsible behavior.

Rules of Play

Players are responsible for knowing the game rules as approved by USA Badminton and abide by them.

Players will develop and maintain a constant habit of fair play and respectful sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship is defined as showing courteous behavior towards teammates and opponents, giving an honest effort in play, following the rules, and accepting the outcome of play as well as calls during competition.

Players are empowered and encouraged to enforce the rules in a polite manner, speaking directly with involved parties.

Players are responsible for making fair, quick, and accurate line calls.  If there is any doubt, always give your opponents the point.

Prior to each serve, the server will announce the correct score.

Players will not walk behind or beside a court when the shuttle is in play.

Players will relinquish their court after every game to waiting players.

Players will shake hands with the other team at the end of every game.

Personal Behavior

Players are expected to compete honorably and in ways that bring respect to themselves, the Asheville Badminton Club, and the sport of badminton.

Players will exercise self-control. Loud, abusive, insulting or offensive language is strictly prohibited.  Bullying, threatening or any inappropriate behavior is also strictly prohibited.

Players will treat others as they would like to be treated.

Players will respect the rights, dignity and worth of every player regardless of their gender, ability, or skill level.

Players will share their expertise and play time especially if asked.

Players can only improve through cooperation between levels. Be aware of the need for beginner players to play against intermediate players who, in turn, need to play against advanced players who, of course, need court time amongst themselves. “Spread the wealth” in regard to the level of play, gender, and age and do so in a non-condescending and respectful manner remembering “People will forget what you say but will always remember how you made them feel.”

PARTICIPANTS’ AFFIRMATION:  I have read and accept this Players Code of Conduct and I agree to follow the rules, guidelines, and procedures as stated. My cooperation is appreciated and a condition of being a member of the Asheville Badminton Club. I further understand that by signing this document I will be considered an active member in good standing of the Asheville Badminton Club.

Signature/Date:  _________________________________    _________________



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Beginning Tuesday, August 27, the Asheville Badminton Club will be moving to the Stephens-Lee Recreation Center.  We will be playing there from 5-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays until renovations are complete at the Montford Recreation Center.

Directions to Stephens-Lee Recreation Center, 30 George Washington Carver Ave., Asheville, NC  28801.  828-350-2058

Follow I-240 E to Exit 5B for Charlotte Street/U.S. 70 E.  (This is the next exit after the Merrimon Ave. exit.)

Turn right onto Charlotte Street and follow across College Street.  You will pass under a pedestrian bridge.

Take the next left onto Max Street.  The street goes uphill and to the left.  Stephens-Lee Center is a large building high on the hill to the left.  Turn left onto George Washington Carver Ave. into the parking lot.

The gym is on the second floor.

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