With Sadness – Norm Wilhelmi

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  A gentle giant with an infectious smile; he made the game wonderful to play.
We will miss him on our courts.

Montreat College Hall of Fame Inductee 1999

MONTREAT – Norm Wilhelmi, 86 went home to be with his Lord and Savior early Wednesday morning, October 24, 2012. A long-time resident of Montreat and member of Montreat Presbyterian Church, EPC, he was born on April 3, 1926, in Cicero, Ill.

During WW II Norm served in the U.S. Navy and saw action in the south Pacific including Iwo Jima. Following the war he gradated from Taylor University, Upland, Ind., where he met his beloved wife of 60 years, Eunice Berg Wilhelmi of Charlotte, N.C. In addition to Eunice, he is survived by his five children and seven grandchildren.

Norm served as mentor and life encourager for many friends all over the world. In lieu of flowers please make donations to Taylor University or Montreat Presbyterian Church, EPC.



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Top 5 Badminton Rallies from the Olympics

Gold Medal Dates
Aug. 3: Mixed Doubles
Aug. 4: Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles
Aug. 5: Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles

July 29
9:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m.: Badminton is scheduled to air on NBC Sports Network.
9:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.: Badminton is scheduled to air on MSNBC.


NBC Live Stream
2012 Olympic Website
Badminton World Federation Olympic Page

*  Super Dan primed to defend title
* Late schedule change infuriates badminton players

Badminton for Life Articles

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March Madness is huge in North Carolina but for Badminton fans, the fun is year round. Whether you’re a Carolina or Duke basketball fan (go Blue Devils!) you can still find time to pop in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a great match on the court. We only have two courts but play is continuous and switching out is considerate of player’s abilities and wait time. BTW, if you get information about competitions, e-mail to me so that I can post here for everyone to see! Thanks!

Johnnie Ho sent members a couple articles from Badminton for Life – check ’em out. Each article is by a different noted expert in the sport of Badminton.

Especially clarifying (even though it’s probably been said a hundred times, seeing it in print helps) was the article on

Mixed Doubles:
In the classic mixed formation, the woman stays in front of the man, playing along and just behind the short service line, while the man retrieves shots hit to his half-court or back court. In mixed it is even more imperative not to lift, since the woman is so close at the net and vulnerable to smashes. Classic mixed is a slower game with more finesse than in regular doubles, the better to bring both partners into the rally. Again, each team is trying to hit shots that make the other team lift. Avoid shots that your opponents can meet above the tape, unless you manage to get the shot behind the striker.

If you do lift, the woman should not stay at the T and duck, but run away cross-court from where the shuttle is on the other side and take a position about 2-3 feet behind the short service line, squatting down and keeping the racket head up. She is only responsible for smashes and drops directed at her; the man gets everything else, including the down-the-line drop.

Since you are playing in an up-and-back formation, hitting cross-court is risky since you are vulnerable to a down-the-line return. Hit cross-court only if both opponents are on the same side of their court as the shuttle is on your side, or if you know you can hit a winner through the opposing woman.

Source: Washington State Badminton Association Newsletter Newsletter, Fall 1996
Author: Eugene Kumekawa

UMI – Delicious Art!

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After an evening of  badminton, some of us celebrated the New Year. You must take a trip (30 min. from Asheville) to Hendersonville and visit UMI Japanese Fine Dining. View this slide show of some of the incredible presentations of Japanese and Fusion dishes. I have to confess to being somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to Japanese food since I did grow up with it,  yet I was very impressed and absolutely delighted with the dinner hosted by owner Stephen Wang.  Chef owner, David Zheng, amazed us all evening. The one word to describe the sushi and sashimi was FRESH. It was almost like being at the world famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo- that fresh and that yummy! The tempura and vegetable udon was spot on; light and flavorful. I experienced Mussels Dynamite for the first time and it was amazing! Can’t wait to have that appetizer again.

I’ll certainly return and bring friends and family; do the same, you won’t be disappointed. And watch out for Stephen’s cross court drop; he’s got quick feet! The consensus at the end of the evening was a return trip for the Asheville Badminton Club, perhaps in March.

See you on the courts!

Seniors Tussle in Tucson!

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See this June article from  USA Badminton about the 2010 Nationals.

Anyone willing to give $6000 for training?

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Feel like you need a boost in training? Got a bunch of money just sitting around waiting to be donated? Well, here’s an idea. Most of you probably already know about the Knight Trainer but just in case, here’s some basic information. Click here and you’ll go to the Canadian website (yeah, yeah, they beat our hockey team for the gold) where they make the trainer and watch the amazing video below. There are additional trainer videos attached; just scroll along the bottom after you finish the first one. So, if you’re feeling the love for badminton and overloaded with cash, contact us! We all have dreams…

Badminton Statistics

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Found these stats from the 2004 Olympic Games; still looking for 2008 which I’m sure are even more impressive.  Source site: Badminton World Federation.

Badminton – Olympic Games -Athens 2004

Men’s Singles

Gold Medal Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia)
Number of matches 32 (73 games for 1671 points scored)
Total duration time 27 hours 23 minutes (average of 51 minutes per match)
Total shuttles used 685 (average of 21.4 per match)
Longest match 82 minutes (Chen/Jonassen)
Shortest match 18 minutes (Ponsana/Dednam)
Longest rally/Strokes 58 seconds/56 strokes

Women’s Singles

Gold Medal Zhang Ning (China)
Number of matches 32 (78 games for 1296 points scored)
Total duration time 20 hours 33 minutes (average of 38 min/match)
Total shuttles used 297 (average of 9.3 per match)
Longest match 70 minutes (Audina/Zhang)
Shortest match 15 minutes (Zhou/Nedelcheva)
Longest rally/Strokes 55 seconds/36 strokes 1 yellow card (Audina)

Men’s Doubles

Gold Medal Ha Tae Kwon/Kim Dong Moon (Korea)
Number of matches 22 (50 games for 1125 points scored)
Total duration time 17 hours 20 minutes (average of 47 min/match)
Total shuttles used 409 (average of 18.6 per match)
Longest match 84 minutes
Shortest match 23 minutes (Chan/Chew Vs Velkos/Patis)
(Matsuda/Ohtsuka Vs Cai/Fu)
Longest rally/Strokes 56 seconds/65 strokes

Women’s Doubles

Gold Medal Zhang Jiewen/Yang Wei (China)
Number of matches 23 (53 games for 1173 points scored)
Total duration time 19 hours 35 minutes (average of 51 min / match)
Total shuttles used 325 (14.1 per match)
Longest match 104 minutes (Bronze medal match)
Shortest match 19 minutes (Grether/Schenk Vs Edwards/Botts)
Longest rally/Strokes 92 seconds/94 strokes

Mixed Doubles

Gold Medal Zhang Jun/Gao Ling (China)
Number of matches 23 (54 games for 1231 points scored)
Total duration time 17 hours 32 minutes (45 min / match)
Total shuttles used 289 (12.6 per match)
Longest match 93 minutes (Final)
Shortest match 17 minutes (Tsai/Cheng Vs Dednam/Uys)
Longest rally/Strokes 153 seconds/60 strokes

ABC is truly international!

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From our membership to world travels, Asheville Badminton Club members come and go all over the world. Picture:  Chris Mathis  in India with a badminton fan.

Happy New Year! Get Moving!

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The Year of the Tiger:  1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046

2010 Senior Nationals- March 16-21, 2010 in Tucson at the University of Arizona Campus Recreation North Gym.

On August 23 – 29, 2010 Paris will be hosting the Badminton World Championships at Coubertin Stadium. Who’s in charge of getting the chartered plane for ABC?

2010 USA Tournament Schedule2010 International Tournaments

Best Wishes to All

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No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, may you and yours be blessed with Love, Laughter, and Peace.  May the New Year provide many happy memories of great badminton  and new friendships. See you on the courts this next Tuesday but not Thursday.

From Badminton Central to the tune of  Jingle Bells:
With my racket in my hand,
I’ll be ready for your shot.
You can hit to anywhere,
But it’ll never hit my court.

I’ll be running to the front,
I’ll be moving to the back.
I’ll be diving to my left or right
To send your shuttle back.

Drop it here, clear it there,
Smash it everywhere;
Oh! what fun it is to keep
The shuttle in the air.

Drop it here, clear it there,
Smash it everywhere;
Oh! what fun it is to keep
The shuttle in the air.

By Chris Hoh
@Copyright 2007 Melbourne, Australia

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