Happy New Year! Get Moving!

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The Year of the Tiger:  1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046

2010 Senior Nationals- March 16-21, 2010 in Tucson at the University of Arizona Campus Recreation North Gym.

On August 23 – 29, 2010 Paris will be hosting the Badminton World Championships at Coubertin Stadium. Who’s in charge of getting the chartered plane for ABC?

2010 USA Tournament Schedule2010 International Tournaments


Best Wishes to All

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No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, may you and yours be blessed with Love, Laughter, and Peace.  May the New Year provide many happy memories of great badminton  and new friendships. See you on the courts this next Tuesday but not Thursday.

From Badminton Central to the tune of  Jingle Bells:
With my racket in my hand,
I’ll be ready for your shot.
You can hit to anywhere,
But it’ll never hit my court.

I’ll be running to the front,
I’ll be moving to the back.
I’ll be diving to my left or right
To send your shuttle back.

Drop it here, clear it there,
Smash it everywhere;
Oh! what fun it is to keep
The shuttle in the air.

Drop it here, clear it there,
Smash it everywhere;
Oh! what fun it is to keep
The shuttle in the air.

By Chris Hoh
@Copyright 2007 Melbourne, Australia

Badminton on the Rise?

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In the NEA (National Education Association) Today magazine I received in the mail today there was an article called Shuttlecock. Seems the sport is making a comeback; hmmm, never knew it left. Come by the gym sometime and see the range of ages in play!

Badminton, a sport better known as a leisure-time activity best enjoyed at summer barbecues, is making a comeback. Its popularity peaked in the 1950s, along with the growth of suburban lawns and cookouts, but today the sport is being reinvigorated in high schools. Badminton is one of the fastest growing high school sports in the country, played by more than 15,000 students. Jeff Limke, who coaches the varsity girls’ badminton team at Burnsville Senior High (Burnsville, Minnesota), says it’s a perfect fit. “It’s competitive but low-key and requires more finesse than brute strength; and the girls like that it’s a meritocracy: You’ve got to win to advance. ”Just don’t ask his athletes to show their stuff at a summer picnic. “Once they join the team,” he says, “they get too competitive for backyard games!” So what’s next for the sport? Collegiate badminton? Professional badminton? Don’t be surprised.

Club Holiday Party!

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The Asheville Badminton Club is going to have a Christmas party at Marco’s Pizza at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 22nd, after we finish playing at 7:00.  The restaurant is on Merrimon Ave. next door to Fresh Market in North Asheville. (across the street from Ingles). Please notify Sonny Whitehead by email if you intend to celebrate with us and be sure to include family members or friends that may accompany you.

Invitational Meet Raises Funds for Montford Recreation Center

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Angie Faulkner, Treasurer of the Asheville  Badminton Club, presented a $300.00 check to Kim Kennedy, Director of the Montford Recreation Center, prior to play on Thursday night. Funds were raised through the open Invitational Meet held November 14th.

The funds came from entry fees and donations from badminton players who traveled from many parts of North Carolina  as well as Georgia to the Montford Center.  Another Invitational is in the planning stages for the spring.

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