Hello Badminton Fans!

January 28, 2009 at 3:42 am | Posted in Club Business | 1 Comment

shuttle_cock4Welcome to the Asheville Badminton Club Blog! This page (still under construction) will be utilized for current information from the club. Comments are active on the blog page and the tips and video page.  Although I’m a Duke fan, the blog is in NC Blue because the theme was simple and available. Please feel free to suggest links and always let me know about dead links- hate those.

A blog is a great format for having in depth discussions about anything really. Here’s your first comment opportunity. Advertisements are distracting to me but they can be included on this site. The income is limited and requires many thousand hits to see a return. But I’m not in charge.  So, what do you think- should the Asheville Badminton Blog have advertisements? Write your comments.

How about hosting a tournament? What should be considered? These questions might require more than a simple comment box so send your writings via e-mail in Word format and they will be copied,  pasted,  and published for all to view and to make comments.

To avoid the dreaded spammers, here’s my contact information in “code”
jorobert at mac dot com


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