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After an evening of  badminton, some of us celebrated the New Year. You must take a trip (30 min. from Asheville) to Hendersonville and visit UMI Japanese Fine Dining. View this slide show of some of the incredible presentations of Japanese and Fusion dishes. I have to confess to being somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to Japanese food since I did grow up with it,  yet I was very impressed and absolutely delighted with the dinner hosted by owner Stephen Wang.  Chef owner, David Zheng, amazed us all evening. The one word to describe the sushi and sashimi was FRESH. It was almost like being at the world famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo- that fresh and that yummy! The tempura and vegetable udon was spot on; light and flavorful. I experienced Mussels Dynamite for the first time and it was amazing! Can’t wait to have that appetizer again.

I’ll certainly return and bring friends and family; do the same, you won’t be disappointed. And watch out for Stephen’s cross court drop; he’s got quick feet! The consensus at the end of the evening was a return trip for the Asheville Badminton Club, perhaps in March.

See you on the courts!


2010 Visits in Review – Someone’s Out There!

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall  blog health:


Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads This blog is doing awesome!.

Crunchy numbers

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 4,500 times in 2010. That’s about 11 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 9 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 30 posts. There were 18 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 4mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was July 25th with 55 views. The most popular post that day was Badminton on the Rise?.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for shuttlecock, shuttle cock, badminton shuttle, shuttle badminton, and asheville badminton club.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Badminton on the Rise? December 2009
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Hello Badminton Fans! January 2009


Contacts January 2009


San Francisco Loses at Badminton March 2009
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Schedule January 2009

Celebrate the New Year!

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Who:  ABC Club Members and their Family

When:  After play on January 4th

Where:  Umi Japanese Restaurant
Hendersonville – Directions

What:  Dinner Menu, Sushi Menu, and of course Saki!

Kampai!             See you on the courts!

Poll for club members only please.

Club Holiday Party – Tuesday, December 14th

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Who?  Asheville Badminton Club Members and their family

When? On Tuesday, December 14th at about 6:30-7:00 after a little play, we’ll head out!

Where? Frank’s Roman Pizza
90 South Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805-2219
Click on Menu

Leave your wish list in the comments.

Mine? Big order:  Large, flat screen tv, Wii and of course badminton for the Wii.

2010 NC Senior Games Preliminary Final Results

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Cary, NC was the location of the Badminton Senior Games in a beautiful community center. For Complete Results, please click here. It was a first for me and I learned a lot and had a great time. Beware of the yellow birds! Congratulations to everyone- Asheville Badminton Club was represented well and brought home a big share of the hardware.

Female Singles
55-59  1  MaryAnn Ingram
55-59  3  Joanne Robert
60-64  2  Sue Feldkamp
65-69  1  Helen McKie

Male Singles
55-59  1  Ken Faulkner
85-89  1  Richard Gilbert

Female Doubles
55-59  1  MaryAnn Ingram/Sue Feldkamp
55-59  3  Joanne Robert/Helen McKie

Male Doubles
55-59  1  Ken Faulkner /Kurbie Whitehead
60-65  2 Leigh Svenson/Al Shiem

Mixed Doubles
55-59  1  MaryAnn Ingram/Ken Faulkner
60-64  2  Leigh Svenson/Helen McKie
60-64  3  Kurbie Whitehead/Sue Feldkamp

Medal Count
Gold  7
Silver  3
Bronze 3

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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From President Johnnie Ho:  Howard Bach and Donn Gobbie is trying to get the National Badminton League started.  The league format is similar to the current Senior Games format where you compete In-State and at the National level.  The difference here is that instead of organizing it by age group, this league is organized by skill levels – A,B,C and D. Give me your thoughts.

See this link: National Badminton League

See attachments:

NBL Club Flyer
NBL PlayingLevels
NBL League Format
NBL districts

Seniors Tussle in Tucson!

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See this June article from  USA Badminton about the 2010 Nationals.

Anyone willing to give $6000 for training?

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Feel like you need a boost in training? Got a bunch of money just sitting around waiting to be donated? Well, here’s an idea. Most of you probably already know about the Knight Trainer but just in case, here’s some basic information. Click here and you’ll go to the Canadian website (yeah, yeah, they beat our hockey team for the gold) where they make the trainer and watch the amazing video below. There are additional trainer videos attached; just scroll along the bottom after you finish the first one. So, if you’re feeling the love for badminton and overloaded with cash, contact us! We all have dreams…

NC Badminton Club Tournament

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2010 Inaugural North Carolina Badminton Open Championship
USAB sanctioned tournament; must have a valid membership card at registration

Friday, March 26 – Sunday, March 28, 2010  at NetSports in Morrisville, NC
Entry deadline- Friday, March 19th

Online registration available at website
Hardcopy registration via Google docs.

TOURNAMENT RESULTS:  Type in a name and get all the stats.

Badminton Statistics

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Found these stats from the 2004 Olympic Games; still looking for 2008 which I’m sure are even more impressive.  Source site: Badminton World Federation.

Badminton – Olympic Games -Athens 2004

Men’s Singles

Gold Medal Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia)
Number of matches 32 (73 games for 1671 points scored)
Total duration time 27 hours 23 minutes (average of 51 minutes per match)
Total shuttles used 685 (average of 21.4 per match)
Longest match 82 minutes (Chen/Jonassen)
Shortest match 18 minutes (Ponsana/Dednam)
Longest rally/Strokes 58 seconds/56 strokes

Women’s Singles

Gold Medal Zhang Ning (China)
Number of matches 32 (78 games for 1296 points scored)
Total duration time 20 hours 33 minutes (average of 38 min/match)
Total shuttles used 297 (average of 9.3 per match)
Longest match 70 minutes (Audina/Zhang)
Shortest match 15 minutes (Zhou/Nedelcheva)
Longest rally/Strokes 55 seconds/36 strokes 1 yellow card (Audina)

Men’s Doubles

Gold Medal Ha Tae Kwon/Kim Dong Moon (Korea)
Number of matches 22 (50 games for 1125 points scored)
Total duration time 17 hours 20 minutes (average of 47 min/match)
Total shuttles used 409 (average of 18.6 per match)
Longest match 84 minutes
Shortest match 23 minutes (Chan/Chew Vs Velkos/Patis)
(Matsuda/Ohtsuka Vs Cai/Fu)
Longest rally/Strokes 56 seconds/65 strokes

Women’s Doubles

Gold Medal Zhang Jiewen/Yang Wei (China)
Number of matches 23 (53 games for 1173 points scored)
Total duration time 19 hours 35 minutes (average of 51 min / match)
Total shuttles used 325 (14.1 per match)
Longest match 104 minutes (Bronze medal match)
Shortest match 19 minutes (Grether/Schenk Vs Edwards/Botts)
Longest rally/Strokes 92 seconds/94 strokes

Mixed Doubles

Gold Medal Zhang Jun/Gao Ling (China)
Number of matches 23 (54 games for 1231 points scored)
Total duration time 17 hours 32 minutes (45 min / match)
Total shuttles used 289 (12.6 per match)
Longest match 93 minutes (Final)
Shortest match 17 minutes (Tsai/Cheng Vs Dednam/Uys)
Longest rally/Strokes 153 seconds/60 strokes
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